National “Just Finish It Already!” Season

What? You’ve never heard of it? That might be because I made it up. November is actually National Novel Writing Month. They have a website and all. I’ve always wanted to do this but I decided I need my to finish one of my many unfinished stories first. So I’ve declared November and December (up to Christmas) my own personal “Just Finish It Already!” season.

You’re welcome to join me. Decide on something that you really want to finish. It doesn’t have to be a story. It can be:

a cleaning job- “I want to see the floor of my closet before it swallows me up and I’m never seen again,”
a school goal- “I’m going to make it through this class with a B average or die trying,”
a reading goal- “I’m finally going to finish reading ‘Moby Dick’ or Rowena has permission to force me to watch every cult tv show she’s been babbling on and on about,”
Or a Christmas goal- “I’ll have all my cards written and sent out by Dec. 21 this year. Yes, I will.”
Whatever you want to finally finish.

Post your goal and your plan here. Then decide where you’re going to chart your progress and most importantly how you’ll reward yourself for your awesome willpower. You can post a link to your own website or you’re welcome to post it here. I need all the support I can get.

Here’s my goal and plan:

Goal: I will finish the 2nd draft of my “Midnight Feast” story that I’ve been working on for quite some time (chapters 14 – 21) by December 23rd.

The Plan: I promise to write four pages (about half a chapter) each day that my kids are in school and I’m not subbing or in L.A.

My rewards: I think I’ll pick out some reward for each chapter I finish. The reward can be as small as getting to watch Veronica Mars a second time, letting myself read fanfic, or buying myself some candy corn. Or it can be bigger like letting myself buy a Zombie Queen t-shirt. I think the Zombie Queen t-shirt will be the reward for chapter 14. I need to start out big.

How to Chart My Progress? I’ll post a list of each chapter I finish here.

What If I Don’t Meet My Goal? Bite your tongue! Okay, I’ll let anyone who has met their goal decide my fate, if that happens. Remember, you have to declare a goal and meet it if you want to have a say.

Anyone else want to join me? What’s your goal?

Happy Finishing!

Rowena Eureka

PS: Here’s the National Novel Writing Month website address: