Book Review: Slave Day

Thomas, Rob. Slave Day. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1997.
(Yes, The Veronica Mars Rob Thomas in his former YA author career)

Genre: Young Adult (14 to adult)

Summary: Eight different characters narrate the story of Robert E. Lee High School’s student council “Slave Day” auction starting with honor student Keene Davenport’s call for a boycott due to Slave Day’s racist undertones. First person narratives from an activist, football player, cheerleader, computer geek, popular girl, class clown, student council president, and burnt out teacher tell the story of the entire day.

What’s to Like? Each of the 8 characters is distinct and reaches beyond the cliché. I liked following each of the four plots and seeing how they were woven together to complete the story. I wasn’t really sure how any of the plots were going to end and kept reading to the end to find out.

Parental info: Curse words and racial slurs used, mention of rape drug, and a bit of a sex scene

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