2 thoughts on “Last Night’s Veronica Mars

  1. Yeah! That was marvelous! Except we never got that scene from the previews where Logan confessed to Veronica about having done “a horrible thing.” Or, did I have a mental black-out and miss it?

    (P.S. Logan, you should never feel horrible about sleeping with Weevil. Love is a many-splendored thing.)

    • The “a horrible thing” scene

      I’m not sure, but I think that scene was actually the last scene of the episode and not part of the previews. Although I like your theory better.

      I’m hoping that there are any type of Weevil-Logan, Logan-Veronica, Veronica-Weevil, and/or Weevil-Veronica-Logan scenes coming soon. Doesn’t it seem like those three have hardly had any scenes together? Doing anything.

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