****Levithan, David. Boy Meets Boy. 2003. 185p. Knopf.


Ages: 12 and up


           Utterly charming teen romance about two boys in love. When witty out, going Paul meets shy, artistic Noah it’s love at first sight.  Of course stuff gets in the way. Paul’s ex-boyfriend wants to get back together, his best friend Joni is dating a control-freak, and his friend Tony needs Paul to help with a rare problem: religious parents that can’t accept he’s gay.  Noah’s been hurt before and is unsure if Paul’s really interested.


Paul lives in the kind of kitschy fun town you’d find on TV; the cheerleaders perform on motorcycles, the transvestite quarterback is also prom queen, and the local sweets shop is called “I Scream”.  In this town being gay is just another flavor of life.


The romance had me rooting for Paul and Noah to get together.  The side story with Tony and his religious parents is resolved in a way that’s respectful of religion, parents, and gay individuals, and the whole story is just a sweet, romantic, fun read.

Parental Notes:  Couple of kisses between two boys in love


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