October 2006 InBrief

Quote of the Month:

 “You’re a very nice person when you’re not being stupid and annoying.”  

-Some very nice teen I live with when he’s not…


Outings: SCBWI DC conference


Books Finished:

***      Lion Boy: The Chase, by Zizou Corder

****   German Boy, by Wolfgang W.E. Samuel


Fanfic Read:

****    Neptune Navigator Online– Just the fix I need on Mondays

****    Holding the Curve – (reread parts) one of the best Logan-Veronica fanfics to feed romantic cravings

****    Fish Out of Water – (reread parts) one of the best fanfics to feed your season 1 Logan cravings (with some gothic horror mixed in)


Movies Seen:

None – too much good TV on right now

Music I Listened To:

Straight Outta Lynwood, by “Weird Al” Yankovic

Folklore, Loose, and Whoa, Nelly!, by Nelly Furtado


Sub Jobs:

2 ½ days in two different second grades

1 day in first grade

1 day substitute sampler (2 hours each in: 1st, Kindergarten, 2nd)


Favorite TV:

****    Supernatural– This show keeps getting better and better. Who would ever think I’d say that about a horror show?

****    Battlestar Galactica– Awesomely dark this season

****    Friday Night Lights – I love this show.  It’s realistic, moody, sweet, and has me cheering for the football team while at the same time thinking, “This town really needs to get a life.” 

*** ½  Veronica Mars – No, it’s not up to season two quality, let alone season one quality, but they have to deal with a new network, new setting, new characters, and the fact that they only have most of their actors for only 16 out of 22 episodes, so I’m patiently waiting for the story to build to something like my old show.

***     Gilmore Girls– I know I’m in the minority but I never bought Lorelai and Luke as a couple and I like her with Chris.  * Ducks *

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