Contents Under Pressure

***Zeises, Lara M. Contents Under Pressure. 2004. 244p. Delacort Press.

Ages: Around 12 to adult

     9th grade in high school is a whole new world for Lucy. Her middle school group has split up: both Kims are dating, Tabitha’s become an “alterna chick” and now it’s just Lucy and Alison, unless Allison starts dating too. Lucy would really like to talk to her favorite brother Jack about everything but he just came home from college with a new live-in girlfriend. To add to the confusion, Tobin, a sophomore seems to like Lucy. 

     This book was like reading my own teen movie. There’s nothing much new to the plot but each and every scene pops with rich details that made me feel like I was right there. The moment I’d start reading, it was like I was curled up on my couch eating popcorn and watching Lucy navigate high school. Enjoyable pleasure.

Parental Notification: There’s a make out scene and a young teen discussing a sexual experience. There’s also a really nice scene where two teens discuss boundaries and limits for making out.

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