Brush Up on Your French

I love the Internet, reason 572: Ma France. The BBC has free online foreign language materials for seven different languages: French, Spanish, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, and Greek.  The best of their programs is Ma France.


Ma France is designed for people who studied a year or two of French before and want to brush up and learn more.  There are 24 units.  Each unit focuses on a topic on daily living in France.   There are three short videos, comprehension quizzes on the videos, a vocabulary list, a grammar section, and half a dozen other activities to help you learn the unit material.  It’s a fun way to practice French, for free, right online.  

The video topics range from using directions to find a hotel, buying a house, shopping at the grocery, and even going speed dating.  You have a choice of using French and or English subtitles while you watch the video. (You need to have a high-speed connection to see the videos.  Transcripts and low-speed activities are available for dial-up connections.)


This is a great program for improving French.  The videos are interesting and short.  The unit activities are carefully crafted to help you learn the new material.  Did I mention it’s right online and free?  Wow!  I love the BBC.

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