Lionboy Trilogy

Corder, Zizou. Lionboy. 2003. 275p. Puffin Books.

Ages: 9-12, would make a terrific bedtime or classroom reloud


Charlie Ashanti is living a happy life in the near future. One thing makes Charlie’s parents different from others: they’re scientists.  That’s what gets them kidnapped.  One thing makes Charlie different from others: he can speak to cats.  Charlie hopes that’s what will help him save his parents.


Lion Boy is an adventurous tale told in Europe in the near future.  Oil is almost all used up, the air’s polluted, and lots of kids have asthma.  This is one of those kid books that has enough meat and interest for both adults and kids.  The plot is exciting; the descriptions make Charlie’s adventure on the circus boat come alive.

Corder, Zizou. Lionboy: The Chase. 2004. 262p. Puffin Books.

Corder, Zizou. Lionboy: The Truth. 2005. 230p. Puffin Books.

The next two books are equally exciting.  The last book gets a little preachy but there’s enough adventure and fun that it’s still well worth reading.

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