January 2007: Inbrief

Books Finished:

***   The Silver Child, by Cliff McNish

***   The Secret Journey, by Peg Kehret

Movies Seen:

****    Pride and Prejudice

****    Little Miss Sunshine

Music I Listened To:

****    Hot Fuss, by the Killers

*** ½  In Between Dreams, by Jack Johnson


Other Highlights:

Started planning summer vacations and making kid daycamp plans.

Jennifer’s birthday dinner at Jaleo. Saw Phinnea and her mom there.


Sub Jobs:

Sub Sampler Day- morning in 1st grade class, afternoon in 2nd grade class

Sub Sampler Day- two hours each in 2nd grade, Kindergarten, 1st grade

2nd grade class- Ms. S

2nd grade class- Ms. M

2nd grade class- Ms. S

Sub Sampler Day – morning for P.E., afternoon for music



Week 1- Gave myself a mid-March deadline to finish the 3rd draft of my historical fiction middle grade novel.  The kids went back to school and I wrote away.

Week 2– It rained sub jobs.  I took two for the week.  That meant I had to do all my writing in just three days. I did it.

Week 3– I took 2 sub jobs again, but this week the kids had off Monday, so I only had 2 days to do all my writing.  I did it!

Week 4– Same as week 3.  Whew!  Tired, but I managed to work, parent, and write. Then I spent all weekend cleaning the house and catching my breath

Week 5– Tired, tired, tired.  I admire anyone who can teach full time, parent, and write.  I think I would become evil if I tried to do all three full-time.


TV Watched:

****   Supernatural-Wow! Some awesomely tense episodes this month.

****   Battlestar Galactica-1st episode blew me away. The rest have been okay.

*** ½ Veronica Mars- A Mac episode.  Yay!

*** ½ Friday Night Lights

*** ½ Heroes

***     The O.C.- A mix of entertaining stuff with really, really silly bits.

***     Gilmore Girls- I have major concerns about the direction of this season.

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