March 2007: InBrief


My sister from Washington State visited for a week.

Blah month.  Wrote a little, read a little, visited a little, and subbed a bunch at the end of the month, but that’s about it.


Books Finished:

****    Kiki Strike: Inside the Shadow City, by Kirsten Miller (again, makes a good second read)

I started reading a bunch of other books but didn’t finish any in March.


Movies Seen:

 *** Ma Vie en Rose


Music I Listened To:

Nothing New


Sub Jobs:

 1-day job- Sub day sampler: 2 hours each in 2nd grade, 1st grade, and kindergarten

1-day job- Half day in 1st grade/ half day in kindergarten

2-day job- 2nd grade class

1-day job- 1st grade, Ms. F

1-day job- 1st grade, Ms. J


TV Watched:

 ***      Battlestar Galactica– The season finale had a few good surprises and I loved Baltar’s lawyer, still not as good as second season.  Oh, and the reader’s theater version of “All along the Watchtower”? That was odd.


****    Friday Night Lights– I love this show.  I love how they manage to juggle the stories of almost 10 main characters, I love Coach Taylor and Tami’s relationship, I love sweet, shy Matt Saracen, I love that they’ve made Jason Street’s story much more than a movie of the week paraplegic story, I love that Tyra’s character has slowly changed from clichéd  “school slut” to a realistic, interesting young woman, and I love watching Smash growing in a relationship and yet still being “the Smash”. Please let this show get another season.


****   Congressional Hearings on the Valerie Plame outing- Wow! I’m a political junkie so nothing is more interesting for me than watching an entire day of congressional hearings.  Really.


****    Senate Hearings:  Kyle Sampson questioned on Attorney General Firings. Again, wow.  Like watching a live trial.

6 thoughts on “March 2007: InBrief

    • You never read the end? The end redeems much of the beginning. I’ll agree it’s not a perfect book. Another good edit would have made it a faster, tighter read. But the end is what made the whole story worthwhile for me.

      I think what kept me reading is that Mia loved this story and had already read it twice when she insisted I read it.

      • You never read the end?

        Nope. As soon as a book loses me, I stop reading. I found the characters completely unsympathetic, and another edit wouldn’t have fixed that.

        Obviously this — like everything — is a matter of personal preference. But, there’s that adage that what the writer feels, the reader feels. I didn’t feel any “writer love” from the book.

      • Interesting. Mia and I both liked the characters a lot. We also liked that the characters weren’t fast friends right away and that they weren’t always the most lovable people. Guess we both can identify with cranky girls.

        Like you say, that kind of thing is a matter of personal preference.

      • I love cranky! I don’t know. There was just something… missing.

        Heh. Now I sound like a literary agent. “Sorry. Not right for me. Best of luck with your next reader!”

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