September 2007: Inbrief

 Quote of the Month:

“Holding resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

Sally, married 50 years, read in an MSN article on longlasting marriages.  

(I love reading those MSN articles.  They’re like popcorn: small and tasty, but healthy enough that I don’t feel guilty reading a ton of them.)



Fall’s the best. The kids are happy in school, the new Fall TV season has started, I’m healthy, and I actually have time and energy to write. Summer and Fall totally win the Rowena Eureka “Best Season” awards.


Fiction Books Finished:

***   Millicent Min: Girl Genius, by Lisa Yee

** ½ Eclipse, by Stephenie Meyer


Non Fiction Books Finished:

****  Setting Limits in the Classroom, by Robert J. MacKenzie ED.D.


Movies Seen:

*** ½   Bush’s Brain


Music I Listened To:


O.C. Mix

Charlotte Martin

Imogen Heap


Sub Jobs:

1 day in Second Grade

½ day as Special Education Resource Teacher

1 day as the Computer Lab Teacher- one of my favorite sub jobs


TV Watched:

****    Dead Like Me (Most of Season 1 on DVD)

*** ½ Ugly Betty (1st part of season 1 on DVD, in French and Spanish with English subtitles)

*** ½  Chuck (Pilot)

*** ½  Reaper (Pilot)- So far, this is probably my favorite new show of the season.

***      Dark Angel (1st part of season 1 on DVD, in Spanish with English subtitles)

** ½    Gossip Girl (Pilot)

**        Entourage (Current Season)

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