October 2007: In Brief

 Quote of the Month:

“I’m sorry I missed you; I had a secret meeting in the basement of my brain.”

Line from the song “Secret Meeting” by The National



Oct. 25th– The guinea pig died. R.I.P.


Goal Vacation Week– took a weeklong break from writing, exercising, and subbing to reflect on what I’d accomplished during the past nine weeks. I looked at what goals I met and what goals I didn’t quite meet.  I also looked at what routines worked well, what ones didn’t, and why.  Then I made myself goals for the next nine weeks and tweaked my schedule so I can meet the goals I didn’t reach this time. 


I met my health and cleaning goals and came close with my Spanish, writing, and reading goals.  I realized I need more time to write and made more quiet writing time in my schedule. I also realized that breaks and goal vacations are necessary for me.  I get more done when I’m realistic about what I can actually do in the free time I have and allow myself enough time to eat, sleep, relax, and reflect too.

Fiction Books Finished:

***  Prom Nights From Hell. Paranormal Prom Stories from, Meg Cabot, Kim Harrison, Michele Jaffe, Stephenie Myer, & Lauren Myracle;

 *** ½  Tithe, by Holly Black


Non Fiction Books Finished:

*****  Teach Like Your Hair’s On Fire, by Rafe Esquith

Music I Listened To:

*** ½  Alligator, by The National

*** ½  Boxer, by The National

Sub Jobs:

1 day- Ms. W’s second grade

1 day- Ms. D’s second grade

½ day- Music teacher

1 day- Music teacher

1 day- Ms. S’s second grade

1 day- Ms. D’s second grade


 TV Enjoyed:

**** Pushing Daisies- My new favorite show.  It’s funny, darkly sweet, and totally different from anything else on TV.

 ***  Dark Angel-  I’ve been watching this show on DVD with French and Spanish dubbing and English subtitles.  I don’t know if I’d enjoy this show solely for entertainment but it’s got just enough interesting sci-fi elements, pretty people, and action that it’s kind of perfect for learning French and Spanish.

4 thoughts on “October 2007: In Brief

  1. Yes, i’ve been recommending Pushing Daisies to everyone i’ve seen. Its so quirky and cute and smacks of a Amilie feel. The editing, writing, wit and humor. I cannot voice my hopes for this show. Let’s hope the network dont get a chance to ruin it.

    So i second the Pushing Daisies comment and hope more ppl start watching it. I do believe ABC.com still have the old episodes online. Though they might only keep the latest 4-5 ep. Good thing is there’s only 5 so far… i think.

    • The good news is that it’s been picked up for a full season. Yay!

      Looks like they keep 4 episodes of each show up on ABC.com. So the “pie-lette” is gone but all the other episodes are still up.

  2. I agree with giving yourself time to relax and reflect. I’ve found that I need at least twelve hours, preferably twenty-four with some sleep somewhere in between, of not-Reading in order to get any real writing done. It’s like my own voice sinks below the surface, to dwell in the fancy underwater caverns of my mind — I like to think of them lined with fluffy seaweek pillows, with handsome mer-men bringing me sweets while I think of evil things — and it just takes a certain amount of time to swim back to the surface. Rise too fast, and I get the bends.

    Re: Tithe – glad you like it! We’ve been pushing it at The Mystery Bookstore.

    Re: Dark Angel — ah, Jensen in motorcycle leathers, with the cool shades. Good times.

    I haven’t seen Pushing Daisies, yet. will, tho.

    • Oh yeah, pretty pretty Jensen is definitely a highlight of season 2 Dark Angel. I missed his voice so much though I actually had to watch a couple scenes in English. That’s when I heard Jessica Alba’s real voice and rushed straight back to the French and Spanish versions. She’s a lot more kick-ass in French and Spanish.

      I like your idea about staying away from reading before writing to hear your own voice. That makes sense.

      Tithe was interesting, it was part teen delinquent story mixed in with a kind of modern violent Alice in Wonderland like story.

      I’ll be interested to hear about you think of Pushing Daisies when you check it out.

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