November 2007: In Brief

Temporary Good-bye to L.A. Friends- I’ve been told by ZQ and Tia that being supportive of the writer’s strike means I can’t watch any more online episodes. Currently this is the only way I’m able to get my TV so I’m effectively cut off from all my shows if I want to be supportive.  Sniff!  Since many of the L.A. livejournals I read discuss TV I think I’m going to take a break from them while the strike is on.  That way I can remain spoiler-free until I’m able to catch up in some writer-friendly way and still be supportive of my writer friends.  I sure hope the strike is short because I’ll miss all my L.A. friends!


1) Overnight chaperone at the daughterling’s Outdoor Education trip- They stayed at the same place I did for my own sixth grade outdoor ed.  Looks just the same, except now it seems smaller. 😉  Best part was telling her cabin my “Dr. P” bedtime stories.

2) Dinner with my dad, brother, and family

3) Thanksgiving Meal- Our second year at home with just the immediate family (plus my brother this year.)  Relaxing and low-key.  “Cal” made the apple pie, daughterling “Ruth” the pumpkin pie, Martin made the chicken or the “churkey,” — as we liked to call it– and I made the mashed potatoes and veggies.


Fiction Books Finished:

*** Clementine, by Sara Pennypecker


Non-Fiction Books Finished:

**** The Dance of Anger, by Harriet Lerner


Unfinished Books: (Seem to be reading lots of books all at once)

Dreams Underfoot, by Charles DeLint

A Great and Terrible Beauty, by Libba Bray

Literacy in America, by Edward &Elaine Gordon


Movies Seen:

*** Singing in the Rain


Listened To Music By:

Tori Amos, Cat Power, Foo Fighters, The Pixies, P.J. Harvey, Spoon


Sub Jobs:

1 Sub Day Sampler – 2 hours in K, 1st, and 2nd grade classes

3 days – Art Teacher: Loved this gig!  I got to “read” the book Tuesday, by

David Wiesner—kind of like a kid friendly X-Files episode as a picture book. We discussed surrealism and afterwards listened to instrumental music from my music player while they made their own dreamlike-surreal pictures.

1 day – Ms. P’s 2nd grade class


TV Enjoyed:

**** Pushing Daisies- My current favorite show.  So clever, fresh, and fun.  Crave pie when I watch though. 

**** Supernatural- Last episode was dark and angsty – just the way I like them.

*** Chuck –  I was really starting to like this show. The season arc was building nicely, plus two episodes of Rachel Bilson, aka Summer Roberts. 

*** Dark Angel- Still an awfully fun way to practice French and Spanish. Thank goodness this is on DVD and not online.  At least I still have one show left.

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