Homeless Bird

Author: Gloria Whelan

Publisher: Harper Collins, 2000

Pages: 186

For Ages: 10 and up

Rating: ****


Thirteen-year-old Koly’s rural Indian family is so poor they must marry her off so there’s one less mouth to feed.  Her father tries to find the best match he can but at the wedding they are shocked to discover Koly’s teen husband is sickly. It’s too late though.  Koly is trapped in life where she’s unwanted but can’t escape. When things seem bleakest, Koly uses her intelligence, compassion, and help from others to build herself a new life.


The daughterling insisted I read this.  I’m glad I finally did what I was told and read this gem. I felt like I was a young rural Indian girl struggling to find myself.  I highly recommend this book for girls 10 and up. It would make an excellent mother-daughter book club read.  I also recommend it for adults. The writing is beautiful and the story universal enough that adults, especially adult women, will enjoy this short but powerful story.


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