Harvard Medical School Guide to Healing Your Sinuses

 Author: Ralph B. Metson, M.D., with Steven Mardon

Publisher: McGraw-Hill; 2005

Pages: 256

Genre:  Personal Health

Rating: ***1/2


As a chronic sinus sufferer I wonder if in a past life I unknowingly created cable news and am now being punished for it: slowly and stealthy.  My sinus infections seemed so lame that people implied I was a hypochondriac; I wondered if they were right. Sinus infections sapped my patience, creativity, and energy.  This book helped clear my head.


This Book:

1) Describes the autonomy of the sinuses.

2) Explains what happens during a sinus infection.

3) Tells the difference between an acute and a chronic sinus infections.

4) Gives clear explanations on medications from Sudafed to nasal steroids to antibiotics.

5) Explains how to do nasal irrigation and why it’s helpful.

6) Gives an overview of sinus surgery and explains the pros and cons of surgery.


What’s Helpful:

1) The easy-to-read explanations of everything helped me better understand my sinus infections and what medicine could and couldn’t do for me.


2) The nasal irrigation information changed the way I’ve handled sinus infections. Now I clean out my nose two to four times a day using salt water and a nasal bulb.  While not a cure-all, the technique has cut down on the number of infections I get, the number of days it takes me to clear an infection, and most importantly how much medicine I take daily. (I’m off everything but allergy meds now.)


What Could Be Improved:

Since Dr. Metson is an ENT – not an allergist – there’s only a limited discussion on allergy management. Allergies medicines are discussed, but not shots or ways to reduce allergens in your home.


Overall Verdict:

Recommended: All the basic information is explained clearly in an organized way that will help most chronic sinus suffers understand and manage their condition.


3 thoughts on “Harvard Medical School Guide to Healing Your Sinuses

  1. Psst! What’s the title of the book? 8^)

    As a chronic sinus sufferer I wondered if in a past life I unknowingly created cable news and was now being punished for it: slowly and stealthy.

    Aww… I’m convinced I was either hanged or beheaded in a past life. Hopefully for something not only terrible, but very colorful. (I have trouble wearing turtlenecks, choker necklaces, scarves, etc.)

    Anyway, sounds like a useful book. Glad it’s helping!

    • Psst! What’s the title of the book? 8^)

      D’oh! I had it up there, then deleted the entry and put it up again. Guess I forgot the title that time. Thanks for the heads up. The title is up again now.

      What a lovely past life you must have had. 😉

      • Hey, I just want my hanging or beheading to have been worth it. None of this “You poached a rabbit!” crap.

        A psychic told me exactly the same thing (unprompted by me joking about it), a while ago. I just hope he’s right, and we’re not both having a psychic flash about how I’m going to die. D:

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