I Know What You Did This Summer, Part 1 (aka: June 2008 Inbrief)

Quote of the Month:
“If this is my last day on earth, I don’t want it to be socially awkward.” Dean Winchester on Supernatural


1)      “Been dazed and confused for so long it’s not true…”
I decided the road to health is paved with needles, stumbled over to the allergist to let them inject stuff I’m allergic to under my skin, then watched my arm puff up red.
Results? I’m extremely allergic to dust and grass pollen, and regularly allergic to tree pollen, cats, mold, and cockroaches. Really? Cockroaches?
The day after testing, I anchored myself to the couch, way too dizzy from the flood of mucus my head was using to fight those dusty grass-eating cockroaches under my skin. Stupid immune system.
 I jumped through allergy clinic hoops the rest of the month, taking ineffective medicines that left me so wired I couldn’t even read. Aye! Life without reading is NOT a life. Happily, I was approved for allergy shots, given more effective medicine, and finally left my fake drugged-out life.
2) Had three wonderfully relaxing days—mid fake-drug jag – camping at the beach. Who knew taking six teens camping could be so relaxing? The salt air cleared my head and the teens washed my dishes. Bliss.
Fiction Books Finished:
None! Allergies are evil.
Non-Fiction Books Finished:
*** The Good Teen, by Richard M. Lerner, Ph.D. -An optimistic book detailing how families can help their teens make the transition from kid to adult using a model called, “The Five C’s”. (Competence, Confidence, Connection, Character, and Caring.) While the five C’s model is more big-picture oriented than detailed concrete advice, I found it a positive framework to use when thinking about my own teens. (I’d read most of this in May, just finished in June.)
*** Get SmartSilly good fun with lots of exploding action sequences and a little heart— just don’t expect too much.
Sub Jobs:
My one end-of-the-year job got cancelled by a “snow day” after heavy thunderstorms.
TV Enjoyed:
**** Supernatural (finished rewatching season 2)
*** ½ Flight of the Conchords (first part of season 1) – two adorably funny novelty musicians from New Zealand try to make it in New York.
*** Battlestar Galactica Finale- What?! I wasn’t expecting that.
*** Supernatural (started rewatching season 3)

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