September 2008: Inbrief

Dialog of the Month (From Dr. Horrible):

Penny: Well, I’ve gotten turned down from plenty of jobs, even fired a few times.

Billy: I can’t imagine anybody firing you.

Penny: Neither could I. Now I can visualize it really well.



1.       School started, writing time began, and I’m actually writing! Yay!

2.       I’m finally feeling healthy enough to socialize with and email friends. Excellent.


Fiction Books Finished:

*** ½ Size Fourteen is Not Fat Either, by Meg Cabot- The second Heather Wells chick-lit mystery is even more fun to read than the first, although grislier.


Non-Fiction Books Finished:

None- I’m still trying to read way too many non-fiction books at once.



None- too much good TV available right now


TV Enjoyed:

**** Supernatural, current season – mighty interesting season arc so far.

**** The Big Bang Theory, current season- hilarious season premiere. I love Sheldon.


*** ½ Skins (BBC America)- is sort of like an R-rated British version of Degrassi that co-stars the young actor from About a Boy.  He’s all nicely grown up now though.  It’s a blend of far-fetched plot lines, realistic—yet super dysfunctional– plot lines, and natural teen dialog (compared to the glossy American teen shows).  I’m totally sucked in by it.

*** ½ Mad Men, current season

*** Fringe, new show

*** True Blood (HBO), new show

*** X-Files, season 1 on DVD- dubbed in French with English subtitles


Sub Jobs:

1 day- second grade class

1 day- kindergarten class

1 day- as the art teacher in a different school than I usually sub at. It was fun to teach 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders again.


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