October Question

If you could have any “super power”, what would your first choice be? Second choice?





First choice- The Power of Speed Reading with total comprehension (like the character Data had in Star Trek: The Next Generation). Then I could read all the books on my list!


Second choice- Invisibility. I’d use my invisibility powers to go to high crime areas to take notes for stories.



What “super powers” would you want most? Strength, mind reading abilities, mind controlling abilities, the ability to fly, the ability to breathe under water,….?

7 thoughts on “October Question

  1. 1) Super healing, though I’m undecided whether it would just be myself or others included. The temptation to become a super-villian with the latter is too great.

    “Buh?” you say, “how would you work that as a super-villian?”

    Easy. Pretend I’m the second coming.

    2) Eidetic memory, cause nothing annoys me more than not knowing if I know something or not, and I really like to remember what my sources are. Plus it would make drawing so much easier…

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