October 2008: In Brief

Quote of the month: 
“This is our moment. This is our time.” Barack Obama




1.       SCBWI Conference in Arlington, VA– Another useful conference with fun writer friends. The magazine panel was my favorite as I’m excited about writing short stories these days.


2.       Halloween– What could be better than a holiday where you dress up in costumes and eat candy? I didn’t dress up this year—too busy reading about the election—but I enjoyed passing out candy and looking at everyone else’s costumes. 


3.       The Election– Politics is my favorite sport. I love watching the big picture historical trends and the small details of human nature play out before my eyes.   Elections are my Superbowl and this was the best Superbowl of my life. The brilliant son and grandson of regular folks beat the mediocre son and grandson of Admirals. Merit won out over nepotism this time! That’s a story I enjoyed watching.


Fiction Books Finished:

*** ½ Kiki Strike: The Empress’s Tomb, by Kirsten Miller


Non-Fiction Books Finished:

**** Staying Connected to Your Teenager, by Michael Riera, PH.D.


** Golden Compass– on DVD


TV- Top 5 Favorites of the Month (In A, B, C Order)

1.       Friday Night Lights– Wow! The best drama about mentoring teens I’ve seen.

2.       Mad Men– The Cuban Crisis finale was excellent. And now the wait begins. *Sigh*

3.      Pushing Daisies– Still the most original show currently on TV.

4.       Skins– A bus accident has never done better things for a character or a show.

5.       Supernatural– I enjoyed the monster movie ep and the silly, Dean’s-got-fraidy-cat fever ep.


Sub Jobs:

2 days- 2nd grade class for Ms. W.

2 days- 2nd grade class for Ms. K.

½ day- 2nd grade class for Ms. K

½ day- Reading Initiative Teacher


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