4 thoughts on “One More Thing

  1. I….

    I couldn’t read it all. I followed the links to get some background and…

    Wow. Just, wow. Scintillating? Tell me in the book she uses coruscant at some point. I stopped at Ballet Studio of Dooooooom. I didn’t think I’d run into literature more banal than Anne Rice, but here we are.


    • Ha! No, no coruscant. Not that I remember.

      Weirdly, I actually liked the book and the movie. They’re both plenty cheesy but I need a little cheese in my life.

      The next two books were even too much for me though and the fourth book… Oh my! I had to just read the spoilers.

      • Not my kind of cheese. This feels like a brie where I’m more of a camembert man myself. 🙂

        Now if it were a coming of age story of the 80’s brat pack variety… fondue for all!

        I remember enjoying Interview (the movie) so I read Lestat. It got really exciting in the last quarter of the book and pretty entertaining by the end. However, when I was finished I went back and looked at how long I was bored until the thing got moving. 300 pages. Ugh.

        But then, right now I’m re-watching Buffy and Angel, so the vaguely similar plotlines may have me prejudiced.

      • Yes, definitely not a variety of cheese for everyone, especially if you know all the spoilers. The best part of the book was the tension of not knowing what was going to happen. The best scenes in the movie, for me, were the baseball and ballet studio scenes because they were cheesy music-video goodness.

        I also have a weakness for 80’s brat pack cheese and liked the Interview with a Vampire movie. I tried reading the book but couldn’t get into it. I had young kids back then though and didn’t have patience for anything less than books that started with a bang.

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