January 2009: Inbrief

Quote:Often when I am reading a good book I stop and thank my teacher. That is, I used to until she got an unlisted number.” ~ Author Unknown



Inaugural- After two months of waiting we can finally call him President Obama!


Snow Days- Our first snow of the season came right after mid-term exams giving the kids a five-day weekend with no homework to do. Very nice.


Fiction Books Finished:


Graceling, by Kristen Cashore (****)

Things Not Seen, by Andrew Clements (***)


Non-Fiction Books Finished:


Why Does He Do That?: Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men, by Lundy Bancroft (*** 1/2) – I have a couple of friends with husbands like this and had no idea how to help them out. This reference is a good start towards understanding why some men are emotionally or physically abusive and what society can do to change things.


How to Write a Damn Good Mystery, by James N. Frey (***)



Slumdog Millionaire (****)- A teen Mumbai tea server flashes back to his days growing up as a street child while answering questions on India’s version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. A riveting intense movie directed by Danny Boyle (Trainspotting) and Loveleen Tandan, teeming with colorful fast-moving visuals and a great Bollywood-esque soundtrack. 


TV- Top 5 Favorites of the Month (In A, B, C Order)


Battlestar Galactica– It’s back! I love that I can watch online.


Daily Show– The Bush goodbye stuff was mighty funny.


Friday Night Lights– The satisfying third season ended on Direct TV. It’s replaying on NBC now and is also available online.


Leverage– Fun new show, on Tuesdays at TNT, about a gang of reformed ex-cons who use their talents to help victims of scams recoup their losses. The cast includes: Timothy Hutton, Gina Bellman (Jane from UK’s Coupling), Christian Kane (Lindsey from Angel) and Aldis Hodge (“Voodoo” from Friday Night Lights and Jake from Supernatural). It’s also available online.


Rachel Maddow– This is the first news show I actually watch occasionally. It’s smart and funny, everyone acts professional instead of doing that nasty ranting stuff, and I can watch it online in easy to view 10-minute segments. 


Sub Jobs:


2 days – 2nd Grade

1 day- Media Specialist

1 day – Computer Teacher

2 days- Media Specialist


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