May 2009: In Brief

Dialog of the Month:
From the show Dollhouse, when FBI Agent Ballard and an environmental consultant are breaking into the Dollhouse.

Consultant: They told me this was going to be the new Eden.
Agent Ballard: Eden wasn’t a prison.
Consultant: Are you kidding me?  Even the apples were monitored!

Allergy Miracles
– Most Mays, my head feels like it’s being ripped apart by hellhounds, my joints are achy, and I feel poisoned.  Most Mays, I have searing ear pain and can barely manage to read a book, let alone write anything.

This May… I was healthy!!!! Whoo-hoo!  It was wonderful.  I’m still taking tons of allergy meds and doing saltwater rinsings, but the allergy shots finally tipped me over into the healthy side.  Yay!

Fiction Books Finished:
The Graveyard Book
, (***), by Neil Gaiman- An appealing middle grade book about a boy raised in a graveyard.
Two for the Dough, (***), by Janet Evanovich-  The second book in the fun Stephanie Plum series about a Jersey gal who takes on bounty hunting.

Non-Fiction Books Finished:
 The Tipping Point (***), by Malcolm Gladwell

Star Trek (***) – Kirk and Spock are a lot sexier, Uhura actually gets to do things, and the action scenes have the same fun cheesy music as the show.  It’s still more sexist than a lot of current sci-fi and the silly all-or-nothing logic-versus-emotion debate still rages on between the characters. But the movie manages to balance the old with the new, so there’s more fun without undoing anything sacred for older fans.

TV- Top 5 Favorites of the Month  (In A,B,C Order)
The Big Band Theory finale-  Bazinga!  If you haven’t seen this show, I’d recommend it for fun summer viewing.  It consistently makes me laugh.

The Castle finale

The Dollhouse finale

The Fringe finale- was my favorite finale of the spring season.  The reveals gave me new insight into the characters and the whole first season.  Now I can’t wait to see what they do with season two.

The Supernatural finale- had the biggest cliffhanger of the spring season.  The last couple episodes dragged for me, and honestly, a lot of the action in the finale consisted of furious cell phone dialing.  Still, the last few scenes between Dean and Castiel and then Dean and Sam were what I’ve been waiting for.  Now I’m eager to see what they’re going to do in season five.

Sub Jobs:
1/2 day – media center teacher
1/2 day – media center teacher
1/2 day – media center teacher
1/2 day- 2nd grade teacher at another school
1 day – 2nd grade in Ms. S’s class
1 day- 2nd grade in Ms. D’s class
4 days – media center teacher: Lots of roaming the halls, collecting books on my cart, checking them in, and shelving them. I also taught lessons on fables, how magazines are different than books, and how to use the computer dictionary.  My favorite part was getting to wear my t-shirt that said, "So Many Books, So Little Time."

2 thoughts on “May 2009: In Brief

  1. Big Bang Theory

    I’ve tried to watch this show, I really have, but I simply cannot stand the sight or sound of Kaley Cuoco. It’s a Charmed thing.

    Love your comment about the furious cel-phone dialing in Supernatural! Hee!

    • Re: Big Bang Theory

      Stupid Charmed! It seems to have ruined so many things. Yes, it would be very hard to watch The Big Bang Theory if you couldn’t stand the sight or sound of Penny.

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