June 2009: In Brief, Part 2

Non-Fiction Books Finished:
The Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell, (***1/2) – Gladwell’s books are like chatting with some entertaining professor in a bar.  They’re quick reads, each on a different fascinating topic.  This time the topic is what makes someone an outlier (a stand-out) in their field.  The answer contains both expected and surprising elements.

TV– Top 5 Favorites of the Month (In A,B,C Order)
Buffy: seasons 2,3 (*****) – I watched in French and Spanish without subtitles this time. Plenty of action and playful dialog makes rewatching Buffy in French and Spanish interesting.  Sometimes the dialog is translated literally, sometimes figuratively, and sometimes they just rewrite it to something bland but more straightforward.

Doctor Who: series 1 (***) – Review coming in my July Inbrief

Firefly (*****) – I watched in Spanish without subtitles.  Like Buffy, Firefly has plenty of action and clever dialog that makes it fun for rewatching in Spanish (or French).

Pushing Daisies (***1/2) – I’m glad they aired the last 3 episodes and wrapped up the plot in a satisfying way.

Slings & Arrows: season 1,2,3 (****) – If you love theater, check out this Canadian comedy on DVD starring Paul Gross (formerly in Due South and currently in Eastwick).  After their artistic director dies, the New Brubbage Theater asks Geoffrey Tennant (Paul Gross) to come back and help the theater recover.  Geoffrey left six years ago when he had a nervous breakdown in the middle of Hamlet and isn’t sure he can keep his sanity working there again.  This show is funny, inspiring, and chock full of quirky actors, Shakespearean scenes, and wonderful behind the scenes theater moments.  Each 6-episode season focuses on one main play: one season it’s Hamlet, of course, season two is MacBeth, and season three they do King Lear.

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