Top Favorites of 2009 (In A,B,C Order)

Fiction Books
1. Graceling, by Kristin Cashore
2. Gregor the Overlander (and the next two sequels), by Suzanne Collins
3. Hunger Games (and the sequel Catching Fire), by Suzanne Collins
4. (The) London Eye Mystery, by Siobhan Dowd
5. Sloppy Firsts, by Megan McCafferty

Non-Fiction Books
1. Fierce Conversations, by Susan Scott
2. Malcolm Gladwell’s Books (Blink, Outliers, Tipping Point)
3. Why Does He Do That? Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men, by Lundy Bancroft
4. Woman: An Intimate Geography, by Natatlie Angier
5. Uncommon Sense for Parents and Teachers, by Michael Riera

1. Charm School
2. Dangerous Minds
3. Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist
4. Slumdog Millionaire
5. Up

1. Black-Eyed Peas –The E.N.D.: (The Energy Never Dies)
2. Frightened Rabbit- The Midnight Organ Fight
3. Lady Gaga – The Fame
4. Lykke Li – Youth Novels
5. Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack

1. (The) Big Bang Theory
2. Being Human
3. Castle
4. Doctor Who
5. Dollhouse
6. Fringe
7. Mad Men
8. Slings & Arrows
9. Supernatural
10. Torchwood

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