January & February 2010: In Brief, Part 3

TV- Top Favorites of Both Months (In A,B,C Order)
Castle–  I liked how the pivotal episode about Beckett’s mom’s case gave some answers and satisfaction and then opened up even more questions.  The way the revelations affected Beckett’s and Castle’s relationship had just the right amount of togetherness and understanding without moving things too fast.

Doctor Who Specials–  Before the final doctor 10 special episodes I was really sad about David Tennant and Russell Davies leaving. After watching that over-the-top good-bye, I’m more open-minded about Matt Smith playing the 11th Doctor and Steven Moffat writing the show. Maybe THAT was the point of those specials.  Makes more sense than what happened.

Dollhouse – Don’t you love it when a show is given enough cancellation notice to write a tense and satisfying ending?

Farscape –  I enjoyed watching the Olympic pair’s figure skating and a few random skiing events before the non-stop commentary got to me.  Then I just wanted to watch a good tense story. This sci-fi series from 1999–now available on Netflix instant–was just what I needed to fill the gap left by all my shows on February Olympic reruns.

Farscape is kind of like a cross between a Star Trek franchise show and Firefly.  Astronaut John Crichton is piloting an experimental space shuttle mission when his ship is swept through a wormhole into another galaxy and pulled aboard a living ship in the middle of a mutiny by its political prisoners. It takes 4-5 episodes for the series to find its way, but once it does it’s a fun series to watch. [Watched season 1 on Netflix Instant. Season 1-3 are available on Netflix Instant]

Fringe– I love the way the Walter’s, Peter’s, and Olivia’s pasts have slowly been revealed.  It’s a testament to the writing and acting that I don’t hate one of them now that I know more.  Instead the winter "finale" just left me feeling brokenhearted, yet wanting more. 

The Good Wife –  continues to adeptly weave its season arc story throughout each case of the week.  I’m loving Kalinda in all this too.

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