May 2010: In Brief (Part 2)

It’s A Christmas Miracle!  (But …uh… in May)  It was my healthiest May in 5 years. I’d still get really sleepy on days with high grass pollen or when I ate a food with hidden gluten, but I didn’t have any horrible sinus headaches and I even had several energetic days — a rare May occurrence for me.

Writer’s Retreat– I hung out with several writer friends in an adorable cabin in West Virginia for a few days.  We talked about writing and TV, critiqued each other’s work, did a few writing exercises, and ate tons of junk food.  What more could I ask for?

Sub Jobs:
1/2 day – Media center specialist at usual school
1/2 day- 1st grade reading teacher at another school

Fiction Books Finished:
Harriet the Spy, by Louise Fitzhugh (****) – It’s been a while since I reread this classic. I love how honest this story is about the dark emotions of sixth grade.  [For ages 9 and up]

The True Meaning of Smekday, by Adam Rex (****) – Gratuity Tucci (her friends call her "Tip" for short) has an eventful year when an alien race called the Boov invades Earth on Christmas day.  This is one of those fun stories that every age can enjoy.  It would make an excellent family or classroom read aloud. [For ages 9 and up]

When You Reach Me, by Rebecca Stead (****) – 1979 is an eventful year for 12-year old Miranda.   It’s the year the game show 20,000 Pyramid invited her mom to be a contestant, the year Miranda’s childhood friend stopped talking to her, and the year Miranda received notes from a mysterious stranger who knows things about Miranda’s life before she even lives them.  How can that be?  This lovely gem is a perfect mix of a slice-of-life New York City story with a sci-fi element that pulls everything together in a cool way. It would make a good family or classroom read aloud.  [For ages 9 and up]

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