September 2010: In Brief, Part 1

TV- Top 5 Favorites of the Month 
  Castle– Season three continues with clever murder investigations, fun banter, and a sweet father-daughter back story. [New episodes available on Mondays at 10 pm (Eastern Time) on ABC.  Episodes are also available for free viewing the next day on Hulu.]

Fringe– Season three completes Fringe’s journey  from a quasi-sci-fi procedural show into a full-on dystopian sci-fi adventure with procedural elements and I love it. [New episodes available on Thursdays at 9 pm (Eastern Time) on Fox.  Episodes are also available for free viewing on Hulu the next day.  Older episodes are available for rent on DVD at Netflix and for purchase on DVDS or on  iTunes.] 
Want to Catch Up on Fringe Quickly?  The Onion’s A.V. Club has a post with two different ways to catch up on the storyline, for those that are interested.  The first way lists the 20 episodes (out of about 45) that deal with main continuing plotline.  The second way gives just the 7 key episodes.

Scroll down the page to the headline "Addendum for new viewers" to get to the two plans at this link:,45183/

The Good Wife– I’m happy to see that season two of this thoughtful legal show is just as good as the first season. [New episodes available on Tuesday at 10 pm (Eastern Time) on CBS.  Episodes are also available for free viewing the next day on CBS Online.]

Nikita– This is at least the fourth version of the now familiar story of a young woman who escapes the quasi-government organization that forced her to be an assassin.  They kill her fiance and she vows to destroy them.  The new version has a slight twist.  It’s not a great show yet, but it has potential.  For now I enjoy the decent action-filled episodes about a strong kickass woman. [New episodes are available on Thursdays at 9 pm on the CW.  Free episodes are also available at CW Online 8 days later.]

Terriers– This is probably my favorite new show. I’ve seen it described as a cross-between The Rockford Files and Veronica Mars.  It’s a quirky detective show about a former cop and recovering alcoholic now working as a private detective while he tries to piece back together his life.  His sidekick is a recovering thief.  The fun banter and unpredictable plots are enjoyable and I like that the women in their lives are fully-developed strong people, instead of stereotypes. 

[New episodes are available on Wednesdays at 10 pm (Eastern Time) on FX.  Episodes are also available for free viewing on FX Online or Hulu  8 days later.   On Hulu you actually need to do the free registration for this particular show since they consider it to be mature.  There’s no registration needed to watch on FX Online though.]

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