Book Review for All Unquiet Things

Title: All Unquiet Things
Author: Anna Jarzab
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Rating: *** 1/2
Format: Read ebook on Nook app for Droid
For: 9th grade readers and up

Seventeen-year-old Neily Monroe can’t move past the terrible night he found the body of his murdered ex-girlfriend at the Empire Creek Bridge. Carly Ribelli’s uncle was arrested, tried, and convicted for her murder, but Neily still feels haunted by what happened.

As he starts his senior year at his elite private school in a wealthy suburb of San Fransisco, Neily is just going through the motions for his parents’ sake.  Then Carly’s cousin Audrey shows up at school and tells Neily that she doesn’t think her father killed Carly. The two high school seniors both admit they believe someone at their school is the true murderer.  They’re putting themselves in danger by dredging up the past and asking too many questions aimed at the most popular students in the school, but they’re willing to do whatever it takes to find out the truth about what happened to Carly.

All Unquiet Things starts out slow, but as Neily and Audrey’s investigation goes one, I found myself more and more invested in the story until I ended up reading the entire second-half in one night.  What’s interesting about this novel is that Neily and Audrey aren’t especially likable at first.  They’re insecure and flawed. The story alternates between Neily and Audrey narrating. The two points of view make the story more compelling, though it’s confusing at first because the characters are in each others scenes so I had to concentrate more than usual to keep straight who was saying what. Like the TV show Veronica Mars, the story is as much about the main characters coming to terms with who their friend really was, as opposed to the idealized image they have made her into, which makes for an emotionally gripping murder mystery.

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