Allergy Season 2011: The Wrath of Pollen

Every year is the same.  I’m happily taking care of my kids, writing, cleaning, cooking, and subbing. The last week of February rolls by and the plants cast their spell.  Abracadabra!   I inexplicably don’t like anything, I need to sleep all the time, and nothing is fun or easy.  Welcome to allergy season!

So far in my search for the antidote I fixed up the house, got allergy shots, eat a gluten-free diet, do saltwater rinses, and take allergy medicine around the clock. Every change has helped.  Still, I’m just not myself for 6 months.  Maybe I need to move north where the pollen season is shorter.  I wonder where I should live.

4 thoughts on “Allergy Season 2011: The Wrath of Pollen

  1. health and geography

    I understand your dilemma. My primary reason for living in Southern California, back when I first moved, was the fact that while here, my normal run of winter illnesses consists of the common cold and laryngitis, instead of the ‘flu, bronchitis and pneumonia, which were my mainstays while I lived in Real Winter climates.

    It’s not unreasonable to flee the pollen. Best of luck!

      • Re: health and geography

        My brother Marc has terrible pollen allergies, but when he lived in Seattle he was blissfully free of 99% of his reactions. I guess the constant damp keeps the pollen from attaining airborne status.

        Old wive’s tale: a spoonful of local honey keeps away the hayfever. I assume it has to be from hives that pollenate the same flowers that hate you.

      • Re: health and geography

        When I was researching best cities for allergy sufferers Seattle made the top 10. It’s good to hear a real life example backing that up.

        I’ve heard of the local honey technique but haven’t tried it yet. The list of plants that “hate me” is really long. I don’t know what I did to plants in my previous life but it must have been really bad. 😉

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