Reaching Out to Relunctant Readers and The Three Levels of Middle Grade Novels

Lately I've been researching middle grade book blogs.  Here are two links that seemed especially useful.

Reaching Out to Reluctant and Struggling Readers

This excellent post by Paul Greci from the blog, Project Mayhem, gives 13 tips for teachers on how turn reluctant students into avid readers.

His main points are:
1. Read aloud to them
2. Have a lot of books around
3. Talk up the books
4. Give the student/child time and space specifically made for reading
5. Don't micromanage what they read
6. Make reading time pleasurable instead of making it homework.

 Check out the wonderful whole list here.

The Three Levels of Middle Grade Novels

What does the term, "Middle Grade Novel", mean?  Good question! Middle grade novel is an awfully vague and confusing term.

  In this video  book agent, Kristen Nelson, talks about the three levels of middle grade novels: early reader chapter books, middle grade novels or chapter books for 9-year-olds and up, and upper-level middle grade novels. 

She explains what ages or grades each level is aimed at and gives an example for each level as well.  It's helpful information not only for writers but also for teachers and parents too.

Check out her video and post here
Or check out the just the video on You Tube here.

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