Favorite and Least Favorite 2011- 2012 TV Season Finales (Hour Long Shows)

Question: Now that the 2011-2012 TV season is over, what was your favorite hour-long season finale?  Your least favorite?

My answer: Nikita and The Vampire Diaries were my favorite 1-hour finales. Both shows had been slowly building up to the dramatic events that happened and now they’ll both start the next season on intriguing new paths. 

I was surprised that my least favorite finale was Revenge since it’s been my favorite new show.  The finale took the show to a place that kind of made sense, but it was also a cliché I was hoping the show would avoid. 

Smash was also disappointed me.  All the unrealistic happenings in the finale highlighted, for me, how much the show squandered its potential as a drama about the behind-the-scenes look at Broadway and instead decided to be a clichéd soap opera. 

Honorable Mentions: I liked the finales for Fringe, The Good Wife, Once Upon a Time, and Castle

The Boulder Game

Today the daughterling and I were reminiscing about the days when she was young and liked to pretend that pillows were boulders.  I’d come into a room and find her lying on the ground in some faux-mangled position with pillows all over her and then pretend to be a rescuer, throw off the pillows and save her.  It was funny the first 20 times but by the 50th time, coming into a room and seeing her pinned under pillows with some horrified facial expression was not as amusing for me as it was for her. Thus the benefits of having a teen now.