Today I finished Bitterblue, by Kristin Cashore –the third novel in the YA GracelingFire series. Since the plot revolves around a country coming to terms with the damage of their previous leader's totalitarian rein, it's a more serious, slower moving story than the first two.  Overall I enjoyed it though and felt like I'd been reunited with old friends when Katsa, Po, Raffin, Bann, and Giddon were in the story.

PS – I like the way Kristin Cashore treats issues like gay relationships, birth control, and sex in such a wholesome, sweet, regular way. None of these issues is a huge part of the story– in fact the sex is all off-scene– but instead each is just one small part of the many quiet regular pieces of life.


Has anyone else been watching Bunheads on ABC Family? It's written by the same woman who wrote Gilmore Girls and it's pretty much like a reboot of that show but in California instead of Connecticut.

Now Lorelei and Emily Gilmore are mother-in-law and daughter-in-law instead of mother and daughter and Emily Gilmore is a ballet teacher- hippy- Buddhist and Lorelei never had a kid at 16 and they have different names. Very surreal but kind of entertaining.

Week 1 of My Summer Writing Schedule

I met my goal of writing 3 chapters of my Dr. Peakywich story this week and earned a field trip Friday. This week's field trips were practical types of exploration. I drove to the dump in the morning, then after lunch took Metro to Takoma Park and checked out their co-op. It's nice but not that much nicer than the Silver Spring co-op that I can bike to.