Since I’m going to Denmark and Sweden in July, I’ve been watching mostly Danish and Swedish movies for my Foreign Film Night. Last week I watched Fighter on Netflix DVD. It’s an enjoyable, low-key kind of Danish version of The Karate Kid. Danish teenager, Aicha, wants to study Kung-Fu but her Turkish immigrant parents don’t think Kung-Fu is appropriate for their Muslim daughter.

Why Are Women the Heaviest Users of Today’s Technology?

Slate has an interesting interview with Intel researcher Genevieve Bell. In Bell's study of technology adoption and gender, she found that women "are the heaviest users of today’s most widespread and vital technologies: the Internet, mobile phones (voice and text), Skype, e-readers, other e-devices, GPS, and all social networking sites except LinkedIn."

Bell points out that women tend to be responsible for the bulk of the social work in their families and have the least amount of free time.  Technology helps them do their social jobs better — like keeping track of birthdays and making it easier to keep in touch with relatives who are far away.

It also allows women to enjoy entertainment around the their few minutes of free time in their busy schedule.  According to Bell, this is why historically women are bigger book buyers than men, because books are a form of entertainment that a person can fit in during the few minutes she has between caring for others.  Bell found that now women are more likely to buy eBooks and download TV shows for the same reasons.

Bell offers a take on technology that rarely gets talked about in the traditional media.  Check out the whole interview here.

Mini Review for – Outlining Your Novel: Map Your Way to Success, by K.M. Weiland

My writing friend,Laura, recommended this helpful book about outlining. It’s basically an easy-to-read but thorough tutorial on how to plan out a novel without having to write out an entire draft just to figure out your story. 

There are chapters on the misconceptions about outlining, different types of outlines, and how outlining can help you plot better.  There's also a couple chapters on outlining and character building and outlining and setting.  Now I’m excited to start planning a new story so I can try out these techniques.

How to Cut Up a Pineapple


A ripe pineapple will have a golden color and a pineapple smell.


Use a knife with a serrated edge (like you use to cut crusty bread). Cut off the top and bottom first.


Then cut down each of the sides.


I cut straight down the sides so my pineapple is rather rectangular. (You can try to cut more to the form of the pineapple too).

Then cut off each of the sides around the core.


Throw away the core in your compost bucket and cut up the pineapple in strips or chunks. Five minutes later this pineapple was gone — very popular in our house.

Camping at Assateauge

I got back from my Assateague camping trip yesterday. The rain nicely waited to fall until night so we were happily tucked in our tents playing cards and reading when it came.  We had decent weather on our full day so the girls could dig in the sand and we could all swim in the ocean. Our last day was super windy, which made taking down the tents interesting, but we managed. Taking 4 competent, entertaining teens camping is a lot of fun. Now everything's put away and all the laundry's done. Yay!