Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark was the last city on our Scandinavian trip.

This is Ny Haven (New Harbor) though it's actually quite old. It's the touristy section of Copenhagen and the place where we boarded a tour boat to see the rest of the city.

1-Nyhaven 2

One of the palaces

2- Copenhagen

I think this is the new theater

3- Copenhagen

The Little Mermaid statue as seen from the tour boat
4- Copenhagen

One of the most upscale neighborhoods in Copenhagen
6- Copenhagen

A bicycle parking lot near a subway stop. Bikes are super popular in Denmark. Almost no one wears a helmet, everyone wears normal clothes (to include skirts) and there are separate bike lanes on all the busy streets.
11- Copenhagen

An older part of the city
16- Copenhagen

The Library in Århus, Denmark

I love visiting libraries in other cities. Here's the Århus library in Denmark.
22- Libary

The teen/YA section


The picture book section
24- Library 6

The middle grade/ elementary school fiction section

25- Library

A play area in a loft above the kids' section
26- Library 11

The multimedia area in the kids' section
27- Library

After I took this picture two kids came and played a video game on this giant screen.

28- Library

There was a separate room off of the middle grade fiction section filled with fantasy and sci-fi books for kids and teens.
29- Library

This is the doorway and other wall of the fantasy room.30- Library

Harry Potter in Danish

Library 13


After Stockholm we traveled to Århus — the second largest city in Denmark. It's on the east coast of the Jutland peninsula and is a great city to visit because it's small enough to get to know it quickly, yet large enough to have a number of cultural sites.

6 - View

We had a fabulous studio apartment/hotel room in Århus. I spent a lot of time sitting on the balcony, looking at this view, reading and sipping wine or cider. 


The canal street our hotel was on had lots of cafes.

10- Church
This is the church and pedestrian shopping area behind the canal street.

11- Fountain

This fountain next to the church was popular with kids, parents, and grandparents.

18- ARoS

The ARoS museum has all kinds of cool multimedia exhibits.  This giant boy is one of the museums most famous pieces (and one of the easier pieces to photograph).


We spent 5 days in Stockholm, the first city on our 3-city trip in Scandinavia. Evidently the weather had been quite cool and rainy before we came, but while we were there it was beautiful- sunny with temperatures in the low 70's. We loved how the city was both organized and relaxed and how the people were super-polite and yet laid-back – such a nice combination.

8- Around Our Neighborhood

Our hotel was in the Södermalm neighborhood of Stockholm. It's also sometimes called SoFo and sometimes described as like Brooklyn is to New York City. It was the perfect neighborhood to stay in because it was both interesting, yet quiet, but we could walk to all the Stockholm sites from there easily. Also, note the bikes. Lots of biking in Sweden (and even more in Denmark). Biking is a regular part of life here and bikers don't wear helmets or special biking gear. They just wear their normal clothes, go at normal speeds, and have their own bike lanes on the busy roads.

14- Stockholm From Our Neighborhood

This is the view of the city from our neighborhood.

21- Gamla Stan1

The main square in Gamla Stan (the old town) in Stockholm.