We spent 5 days in Stockholm, the first city on our 3-city trip in Scandinavia. Evidently the weather had been quite cool and rainy before we came, but while we were there it was beautiful- sunny with temperatures in the low 70's. We loved how the city was both organized and relaxed and how the people were super-polite and yet laid-back – such a nice combination.

8- Around Our Neighborhood

Our hotel was in the Södermalm neighborhood of Stockholm. It's also sometimes called SoFo and sometimes described as like Brooklyn is to New York City. It was the perfect neighborhood to stay in because it was both interesting, yet quiet, but we could walk to all the Stockholm sites from there easily. Also, note the bikes. Lots of biking in Sweden (and even more in Denmark). Biking is a regular part of life here and bikers don't wear helmets or special biking gear. They just wear their normal clothes, go at normal speeds, and have their own bike lanes on the busy roads.

14- Stockholm From Our Neighborhood

This is the view of the city from our neighborhood.

21- Gamla Stan1

The main square in Gamla Stan (the old town) in Stockholm.

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