Favorite You Tube Channels Watched in 2013-2014

Community Channel–  Australian Natalie Tran’s weekly first world problem skits are my favorite videos to watch on You Tube. Tran plays all the parts in her skits as she muses about how she wishes she could save her “good hair days” for a day she’ll spend with her friends—instead of the day she’s just going to read and do yoga—or the horror of realizing her lost phone is on silent mode.  At the end of each video she has a porno music/comment time where she responds to comments from her fans with her deprecating sense of humor.

Vlogbrothers– Brothers John and Hank Green have chatted to each other and their audience of Nerdfighters by vlog since 2007.  For anyone who hasn’t heard of them, John is the author of several bestselling young adult novels, including, The Fault in Our Stars. Hank is an entrepreneur who produced numerous You Tube video series, including, The Lizzie Bennett Diaries, as well as the creator of the indie record label, DFTBA (Don’t Forget to Be Awesome).

These entertaining videos tend to be between 3-6 minutes long and focus on the brothers’ lives, how to make the world suck less, and basically any topic that interests them.  I like watching vlogbrother videos because they manage to be both idealistic about trying to improve the world and realistic about how hard that is, but still keep doing productive things to help out—with a sense of fun, too.

Feminist Frequency – Anita Sarkeesian’s channel is full of wonderful videos that look at how women and girls are portrayed in TV shows, books, movies, and games.

Vaginal Fantasy Book Club – (on Goodreads and YouTube) – For a long while I’d been looking for a source for romance novels that were more feminist, preferably with science fiction, fantasy, or historical elements.  I finally found the perfect source in Vaginal Fantasy Book Club.  The book club is run by actor/producer Felicia Day ( Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, The Guild, Geek & Sundry, Supernatural). Every month she and her three friends pick a main selection, plus an alternative read.  On the last Tuesday of the month they get together on Goggle Hang Outs/ You Tube to discuss the book.The discussions go on for about an hour and are like eavesdropping on an especially fun, cool book club.  They also have a forum on Goodreads and a Twitter feed that they use for discussing the book.

Crash Course

A cool warehouse of educational videos produced by John and Hank Green on over a dozen topics. Each video is 10-15 minutes long and there are 25-50 videos per topic.  John teaches in the history and literature videos and Hank teaches in the science videos.  The videos use a combination of cartoons and lectures and tend to be both entertaining and informative.


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