How to Cut Up a Pineapple


A ripe pineapple will have a golden color and a pineapple smell.


Use a knife with a serrated edge (like you use to cut crusty bread). Cut off the top and bottom first.


Then cut down each of the sides.


I cut straight down the sides so my pineapple is rather rectangular. (You can try to cut more to the form of the pineapple too).

Then cut off each of the sides around the core.


Throw away the core in your compost bucket and cut up the pineapple in strips or chunks. Five minutes later this pineapple was gone — very popular in our house.

Homemade Bottled Frappuccinos

We  like the bottles of Starbucks' Frappuccinos that you buy at the grocery, but they cost a lot and use a lot of bottles, so I played around with creating my own at home.  They’re cheaper, less wasteful, and healthier (because I know what’s in them) but just as tasty.  They’re also really easy to make. 

Here’s the basic recipe:

  1. Make 2 cups of coffee
  2. Dissolve ½ cup sugar into coffee (You can use less)
  3. Pour the sweetened coffee into a quart-size glass jar (We use old juice jars)
  4. Add 2 cups milk (You could also use almond or soy milk)
  5. Refrigerate over night
  6. Shake before serving

Voila- a sweet-cold coffee drink is ready for you in the morning!

(You can adjust any of the amounts or ingredients)

Curry Coconut Chicken Stirfry

My kids taught me that any time you want to know how to do something you should just look it up on You Tube. That's how I found this easy Curry Coconut Chicken Stirfry recipe.

I use curry powder (1 tsp. mild & 1 tsp. hot) instead of the paste. I also add curry powder to the coconut milk and only use a 1/2 cup the coconut milk so the sauce is nice and thick. I omit the cilantro because I have that gene that makes it taste like soap. It's become a favorite recipe of ours!