December Question

I could use some more new music. Recently I’ve enjoyed songs by Taylor Swift, Pink, and Missy Elliot. (I tend to like a wide range of music from pop to rock to hip-hop to classical.) 


Any recommendations? What are your current favorite songs or artists?

November Question


1.      What are your favorite new TV shows this season?

2.      What returning shows are you enjoying the most this season?



My Answers:


1.      My favorite new show is Skins. (It’s a British Teen Primetime Soap Opera that’s new to the US, though not new to Britain.)


2.      There are several returning shows I enjoy watching the most this season: Friday Night Lights, Supernatural, The Big Bang Theory, and Pushing Daisies



And you? What are your current favorites?


(PS: It’s possible I’ve been subbing in second grade too much lately.  Notice how I answered all my questions in complete sentences.)

October Question

If you could have any “super power”, what would your first choice be? Second choice?





First choice- The Power of Speed Reading with total comprehension (like the character Data had in Star Trek: The Next Generation). Then I could read all the books on my list!


Second choice- Invisibility. I’d use my invisibility powers to go to high crime areas to take notes for stories.



What “super powers” would you want most? Strength, mind reading abilities, mind controlling abilities, the ability to fly, the ability to breathe under water,….?