May 2006: In Brief

“Rabbit, Rabbit” Details: 
I taped a note to my alarm clock, said “Rabbit, Rabbit”, and wished that I would write.  Did it work?  Well, sort of.  I made a bunch of notes on a story I’m going to revise, wrote a crappy 14 page summary of my New York trip that I need to reduce to 4 decent pages, and wrote a crappy short story.  Crappy writing is better than no writing. I’ll consider the wish granted.


Movies Seen: 
none.  I should get out more.

Books Read:

Speak, by Laurie Halse Anderson

The Empress of the World, by Sarah Ryan


Fanfic Read:

Neptune Navigator Online – Fun and well written

 Excerpts from Logan’s Feelings Journal– Fun distraction therapy


TV I Enjoyed:

Veronica Mars: Although I thought there was a big plot hole in the murder mystery this season, the characters and emotional stuff were so strong I’m willing to pretend I didn’t notice.  Never thought I’d feel sorry for a murderer.


Daily Show: Excellent therapy.


Colbert Report:  Truthiness cracks me up.


Supernatural: Just started watching this series.  It’s scary, but growing on me.


The L-Word: Just started watching this on Netflix. The pilot was very pretty porn.  Luckily, the characters and plots are slowly developing and it seems worth watching, except the plot with Jenny makes me want to pull my hair out. 


Big Love: I started watching because of all the crossover between actors from Veronica Mars but kept watching because the characters are interesting and layered.  I like how I’m actually rooting for all the wives to stay together. Never thought that would happen.

TV I Watched:

Alias:  Jack and Sloane’s ending was perfect.  Irina’s end fell flat for me.


Gilmore Girls: liked some of the finale, but unsure about the turn the Luke-Lorelei story is taking.


Lost: We got answers!  Yay!  Too bad I could care less if any of these characters live or die.


Grey’s Anatomy: mighty entertaining for a good chunk of the second season until the writers seemed hell bent on destroying each and every character I liked. Anything I liked about them? Gone. Then they gave me the hope that Meredith could actually learn something and slapped my face with that hope.

Music I Listened To: 
The O.C. Mixed Tape 2


Fun Things I Did:

Does distracting myself from allergies count?  I spent most of this month reading or watching TV, trying make my body forget it felt like crap.  It worked mostly.  TV is the best drug ever. (When used in carefully controlled hourly doses.)

 Sub Jobs:

Day in first and second grade classes.

Day in kindergarten.


Word of the Month: Crappy.  For some reason I love this word.

3 thoughts on “May 2006: In Brief

  1. “Crap” is one of my favorite swear words. I think that’s because it’s like onomatopoeia. *checks to see if she spelled that correctly* I did! Holy crap!

    Supernatural: Just started watching this series. It’s scary, but growing on me.

    You’ll be cursing my name pretty soon.

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