An Inconvenient Truth

Go see this movie.  Yes, it’s a slide show with Al Gore.  Okay, a fancy slide show with film clips, cartoon clips, a couple jokes, and dramatic scenes of climate change, but at heart it’s a slide show with Al Gore.  Go see this movie.

Wait. Why should you see this movie? 

Because it’s the best and clearest explanation of climate change aka global warming I’ve ever seen.  Because after you see this movie you will completely understand what climate change means.  You will understand how it’s going to affect you, what’s causing it, and why.  You find out how many scientists think it’s being caused by man (pretty much all of them) and why there still seems to be controversy about it.  (Gore uses an apt analogy of the tobacco industry’s 1960’s campaign to confuse people about the facts about tobacco and cancer). Go see this movie. 

The biggest flaw of the movie, for me, was that it’s very positive.  After seeing the facts laid out so clearly, I’m not as positive as Mr. Gore about the timeframe.  It looked to me like we have 5 –15 years tops to cool down the atmosphere before we reach the point of no return in ice melt and change the climate of earth irrevocably. 

This movie’s been out a while and Netflix and Amazon still don’t have a DVD release date for it.  Still… if you haven’t seen this yet, find a theater where it’s still playing and go.

What are you still doing here?  Go see this movie.

PS: Check out the movie’s website to learn more and even calculate your own impact. 

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