September 2006: InBrief

Quote of the Month:

“There are murderous murders out there, with nothing but murder on their minds, and they’ll stop at nothing—even mur-der.” John Oliver on the Daily Show 9-11-06

Highlights: School’s started.  I have time to write.  The fall TV season is starting and I’ve been healthy all month. Wow.

[sings] It’s the most wonderful time of the year. [/sings]

Books Finished:

Looking for Alaska, by John Green ****

Kicked, Bitten, and Scratched, by Amy Sutherland ***

Fanfic Read:

Neptune Navigator Online ****

Movies Seen:

Rent (on DVD) ****
The Motorcycle Diaries (on DVD) **

Music I Listened To:

Rent CD (movie version)  ****

Sub Jobs: 

2 half days in the same kindergarten class ****

TV Watched:

Battlestar Galatica (last half of season 2) ****

Bones (new season) ***

Colbert Report ****

Daily Show ****

Gilmore Girls (season premiere) ****

How I Met Your Mother (new season) **

Scrubs (finished the last of the Tivoed episodes from last season) ***

Supernatural (season premiere) ****

Veronica Mars (rewatched parts of season 2 episodes) ****


2 thoughts on “September 2006: InBrief

  1. thanks!


    such fun to catch up with you and your life this way!!! you are sooo clever!

    would love to contribute, but i have not done any reading this summer, only crosswords, and have been busy fixing up the cottage and working in the yard, so not much of interest to anyone there.

    we drive back to dallas this sunday and i am sad to leave, but also looking forward to catching up with old friends at home.

    again, this is so much fun and i am amazed at all you read, watch and review…i feel like i do nothing with my time!

    love you and miss you,

    aunt georgie

    • Re: thanks!

      Can you tell I have the greatest Aunts? They’re like self-esteem in a bottle.

      Crosswords, gardening, and cottage fixing sound pretty neat to me Aunt Georgie. Hope you write more later.

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