May & June 2007: InBrief


Spring is an evil, awful season. Pollen filled flowers mock me in crystal clear skies.  I stare out the window and wonder if I can take another day of lethargy spiked with ear pain.  Thank goodness for heat and humidity.  My head is clear, my hair is curly, the pollen’s gone away and I have energy again. It’s the season of ice cream, loud music, late night walks, fun romantic novels, vacations, and catching up on TV and movies. I love summer.


Books Finished:

**** ZQ’s Work In Progress

**** Deep Economy, by Bill McKibben

**** Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer


Music I Listened To:

May- Ha!  Same 8 songs over and over like I’m some radio station from hell

June- Imogen Heap’s Speak For Yourself (****)  &  I, Megaphone (***1/2)


Movies Seen:

*** Music and Lyrics


TV Watched:

Gilmore Girls– Perfect series finale

Veronica Mars– Dark, messy, imperfect, with little resolution.  Ironically I loved it.

Supernatural– If you haven’t been watching this show I recommend it for summer watching.  Fun dialog, pretty pretty boys, angst, great use of music, and horror plots that interest even me. 

Heroes– Another good one to catch over the summer.

Entourage– season 2 (in Spanish & French) A fun way to learn swear words and other slang.

Roswell (season 1)- good concept, horrible writing, and yet, completely and totally addictive.  I think it’s because I keep waiting for the writing to do the concept justice.


May Sub Jobs:

1 day job- Sub Day sampler (2 hours in K, 1st, and 2nd)

1 day job- 2nd grade class- Ms. S

1 day job- 2nd grade class- Ms. M

1 day job- 2nd grade class- Ms. S

1 day job- 2nd grade class- Ms. S

2 day job- 1st grade class

1 day job- computer teacher



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