Interesting Reads from October 2008

I stopped feeling guilty about my blog reading addiction and decided instead to put it to use posting a list of monthly links I like.


Here’s my list of October posts worth checking out:


1.      Genre-Bending– Laurie Halse Anderson (who wrote Speak and other YA and MG books) explains how she’s able to write and sell books in more than one genre.


2.      Cold Hard Facts About the Writing Life– Anderson links to this excellent post she wrote this summer that answers the question all writers want to know: Can I live off my writing?


3.      Late Bloomers– A reassuring article from the New Yorker on artists who were late bloomers. I read about it on the Verla Kay discussion boards.


4.      Has the Newbery Lost Its Way? – Anita Silver’s Newbery question started a flurry of online discussion. My favorite responses are Liz B’s, The Newbery Means What?, and Fairrosa’s, The Recent Newbery Debate.


5. Cybils– Liz B. also has a question-answer post on the two-year old Cybil Awards—a cyber children’s book award that packs in more fun than the Newbery.


6. Promotion Gold in Them Thar Links– Laura Purdie Salas and Fiona Bayrock post a helpful list of book promotion idea links on their new micro site, Bubble Stampede!



7. A Nice Gal’s Guide to Online News and Politics– I started this blog in September to make my addiction to reading progressive political blogs useful too.  This is my favorite post, so far: 5 Progressive Sites for Busy People.

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