Millicent Min, Girl Genius

Author: Lisa Yee
Publisher: Scholastic
Copyright: 2003
Pages: 248
For Ages: 9 – 14
Rating: *** ½

You know a book will be fun to read when it starts like this:


“I have been accused of being anal retentive, an over-achiever, and a compulsive perfectionist, like those are bad things. My disposition probably has a lot to do with the fact that I am technically a genius. Unfortunately, this label seems to precede me wherever I go.”


I read the first paragraph of this book, cracked up, and instantly knew I had to read the rest. Although Millicent is “technically a genius”, in many ways she’s just your typical eleven-year-old girl who longs to have a best friend. When her parents force her to join a summer volleyball team, Millicent meets her first real potential friend (other than her grandmother) and for the first time in her life, Millicent has no idea what to do next. A sweet, funny read for precocious elementary schoolers.

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